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ADV - AD Vision - ADV Films
North America's leading purveyor and distributor of new and classic anime'
order ADAM's first audiobook "The Confessions" by St. Augustine
Trek Bikes
check out the hilarious commercials Trek Bikes used during their Tourmania campaign for the Tour de France starring commentator/crazy man Bob Roll and ADAM as the voice of Tourmania!
Ascendant Audio Books
a great new company set to release ADAM's first audio book -- The Confessions by St. Augustine
Digital Anvil
links to Microsoft and tells you all about their games, including the projects ADAM worked on for Austin's Digital Anvil
Queen Anne's Revenge
the complete opposite of unapologetic commercial pop -- this is straight-up Texas punk with ADAM on drums
The Dudley's Wine Bar and Tap Room
Check out the coolest drinking establishment in the Texas Hill Country! Only in Drippin'!