After 25 years of voice artistry…. A five minute bedtime story! 


AUDIO BOOKS: VOICES: What’s in the Attic, Adam Dudley

St. Augustine, The Confessions Narrator –autobiography Ascendant Audiobooks FILM: VOICES: Vengeance -The Film Head Guerilla (Korean Live Action) G-FORCE/GATCHAMAN Lead Villain A.D.Vision NEW FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Lead Villian A.D.Vision GET-BACKERS Lead Villian A.D.Vision BLOOD REIGN Chunin, Majummi A.D. Vision LEGEND OF CRYSTANIA Rumiss, Soldier A.D. Vision TEKKEN Kazuya(lead) A.D. Vision DRAGOON THE LEGEND Bashua(lead villian) A.D. Vision STAR DEMONS Demon of Light A.D. Vision CITY HUNTER Falcon (lead) A.D. Vision LOST UNIVERSE Jill A.D. Vision SAMURAI X Muscles A.D. Vision GETTER ROBO: LAST DAY Cohen A.D. Vision DEVIL LADY Wolver, Rat Beast, Squad leader A.D. Vision ZONE OF THE ENDERS Romero A.D. Vision FILM: ACTING PARTS: RED LETTER OFFICE Barkeep Brian Cox Independent Films VIDEO GAMES: VOICES: WING COMMANDER Fighter Pilot, Scout Pilot Origin Systems WING COMMANDER: Prophecy Fighter pilot, Re-con pilot Origin Systems JANE’S F-15 Fighter Pilot, Re-con pilot, Origin Systems Air Traffic Control JANE’S F-18 Re-con pilot, Air Traffic Control Origin Systems ULTIMA ASCENSION Blacksmith, Boyer, Pirate, Ghost Origin Systems Warrior, Village Derelict AGENTS OF JUSTICE Rhinock, Kronos MicroPros Magmus, Mongol STARLANCER Viper (lead) Digital Anvil TUROK 3: SHADOW OF OBLIVION Warlord, Slave, Otis Iguana/Acclaim Mutoid Trash CONQUEST Harlequin, Acropolis Digital Anvil Lancer Cruiser RUNEBLADE Bullman, Goatman Retro Studios QUARTERBACK CHALLENGE 2002 Stadium Announcer Acclaim BRUTE FORCE Terrorist Capt., Militia Acclaim FREELANCER 8 characters Digital Anvil TELEVISION: VOICES: Pumpkin Scissors -The Series- ADV Corp. Oland Guyver - The Series -ADV ZX Tole TREK TOURMANIA! Commercial Narrator Trek Bikes/CSE/ Milkshake Media BUTO-SHA TEN KEI, KANATA Commercial Narrator Dance Umbrella SOWETO STREET BEAT Commercial Narrator Dance Umbrella AUSTIN HOME CHANNEL Narrator Creative Digital Design PERFORMING ARTS CTR. GALA Commercial Narrator UT Austin RADIO: KRTU –San Antonio On-Air Personality, PSA’s, Trinity University Various local commercial spots Central Texas Regional Voice of the PAC University of Texas Performing Arts Ctr. DISCOGRAPHY: QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE (2006) --debut coming soon, Adam on drums ZINGABACHINGA : onemillionhits (2003) --a thousand hours of multi-genre kicking-it, Adam on drums, some guitar, some bass TWISTED HIPPY CHILDREN : GANK (2000) -- Texas Punk --title sez' it all SPACELADY : LIFTOFF (1997) --National hardrocking Release ADAM : ADAM demo (1993) --Musician Magazine's Top 200 unsigned artists SPECIAL SKILLS Singer; Multi-instrumentalist: drums, bass, guitar; Speak/Read Spanish