VOICE-ARTIST/MUSICIAN/WRITER VOICE-ARTIST/MUSICIAN/WRITER VOICE-ARTIST/MUSICIAN/WRITER ADAM DUDLEY After 30+ years of drumming, and 15+ years of voice over work, I am proud to now offer lessons in drums/percussion (drumkit(all styles), orchestral, marching, more) and vocal coaching! All levels, flexible rates, home studio with recording options, and/or house calls. My degree from Trinity University, San Antonio, TX (B.A. Sociology, Minor in Electronic Music) and my experience gained from nearly 20 years of production work and teaching at the University of Texas (Tech. Coordinator Audio/Audio Supervisor), plus my experience(s) as a father/parent of two, have all prepared me well for the privilege of providing private lessons! Please e-mail or call 512-913-4483 THANKS! straight reads, character voices, monster sounds...check out the music page for a voice demo and more! Please check the bio page for an extensive list of credits for radio,TV,film,etc.; including lots of anime' and video games! BREAKING NEWS!! BREAKING NEWS!!! ONE NIGHT AND ONE NIGHT ONLY! Adam narrates "FANTASY" with The Austin Symphony Friday 2/27/15 at the Long Center in ATX! ALMOST SOLD OUT!! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!! PLEASE SIGN-IN THE GUESTBOOK FOR E-MAILS, UPDATES AND COMMENTS!!